With Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), Rick Gasparin (vocal/guitar)


With Bob Hagler (bass), Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), and Gary Niehaus (drums)

 With Gary Morris (drums), Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), Rick Gasparin (vocal/guitar), and Dewaine Ellis (saxophone)

 With Gary Morris (drums), Rick Gasparin (vocal/guitar), Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), and Bob Havens (trombone)

With Rick Gasparin (vocal/guitar), Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), Bob Hagler (bass) and Gary Morris (drums)

Proud to be a former member of The Fundamentals
With Bob Hagler, Rick Gasparin, Angel Brown, Bob Young and Kevin Lietheiser
With Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), and Bob Hagler (bass), Gary Niehaus (drums) and Rick Gasparin (vocal/guitar)
With Angel Brown (vocal/keyboards), and Dewaine Ellis (saxophone)