Angel Brown is a singer who is gaining steady momentum in the Springfield, Illinois area and beyond. She says she cannot remember a time in her life when she did not want to sing. Angel followed in the musical footsteps of two uncles, several cousins, and her brother, all of whom play or have played semi-professionally in various local bands.

Angel's voice sounds warm and tender on her favorite ballads, and in the next breath grinds out a sizzling blues number like Nora Jones' "Turn Me On." She doesn't really segregate tunes into specific genres. Instead, she gives each song loving attention, sings from the heart, and makes them her own.

Angel often works as a solo pianist/vocalist. She also offers a band that can be sized to the needs of the club or private party: a trio, quartet, etc. Each show is slightly different from the last as Angel tailors her performance to the needs of the audience.

Area venues at which Angel has performed: August Restaurant, The Bistro at Two Olives and a Pepper Restaurant, Capitol Steak House, Illini Country Club, The Inn at 835 S. 2nd Street, Lime Street Café, Charlie R's Steak House, The Loft, Mugsy's Restaurant (in Jacksonville), Panther Creek Country Club, Norb Andy's Tabarin, Pub Donegal (in Litchfield) and Sangamo Club. She has also performed at various private parties including such locations as: the Hilton, Prairie Heart Institute (grand opening), the Dana Thomas House "Jazz in Bloom" annual fundraiser and others.